Scientist for A Day: From Dinajpur

27 October, 2022

On 9th September 2022, Humayra and Lubaba, two young girls came to CHRF all the way from Dinajpur to become ‘Scientists for A Day’. Both of them have big aspirations for their future: Lubaba dreams to be an astronaut while Humayra wants to be a doctor. Although they have different aims in life, their love for exploring the unknown is equally strong. When they came to know about CHRF's “Scientist for A Day” program, they made no delay to express their desire to be a part of this.

Lubaba and Humayra had little idea about the work the microbiologists do to help doctors to prescribe the right antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection. They got to see for themselves how this is done in labs, and how further research is conducted by scientists. They also did a variety of experiments on their own. In their conversation with Dr. Senjuti Saha, they wanted to know why she chose to become an infectious disease detective. They were inspired by Dr. Saha’s story of becoming a leading women scientist in Bangladesh. They captured moments with her in photographs while receiving certificates. Spending quality time with these curious minds made all of us at CHRF feel young again! We are now eagerly waiting for our next batch of students to come.