Demographic Surveillance

28 March, 2023

CHRF's Community Surveillance & Demographic Surveillance Site in Mirzapur

How and where do we conduct our demographic surveillance? Read this blog to find out!

30 November, 2021

Productive collaborations of National Institutes

30 November, 2021

Second investors meeting, ANISA

While countries in South Asia are making considerable progress in achieving the 4th Millennium Development Goal, that is, to reduce under-five mortality rates by two...

30 November, 2021

Aetiology of neonatal infection in South Asia

The ANISA project has now reached one year of surveillance. The mission was challenging but the team has navigated it successfully with magnificent support from...

29 November, 2021

Data management of Multi of Surveillance for Enteric-Fever in Asia Project (SEAP), Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan

The Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) with support from ICDDR,B will serve as the Data Coordination Centre (DCC) for phase II of SEAP project in...

29 November, 2021

Bangladesh leads the world one step closer to understanding causes of deaths in newborns

It is estimated that even today >500,000 deaths in newborns occur every year due to serious infections. However, little is known about what microorganisms cause...

29 November, 2021

Surveillance for Enteric-Fever in Asia Project (SEAP): Phase II

This prospective study aims to generate comprehensive data on burden of typhoid and para-typhoid fever in Bangladesh, using the established network of sentinel and population...