CHRF at the 12th IPCRG World Conference in Greece

21 May, 2024
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At the 12th IPCRG World Conference in Athens, Greece, CHRF's Research Investigator, Samin Huq, shared insights from our study in Bangladesh on the burden of chronic respiratory diseases in rural communities.

During the conference, Mr. Huq made 2 key contributions. He presented an abstract titled "Prevalence and Determinants of Chronic Respiratory Diseases at community settings in Bangladesh: Evidence from the analysis of 4CCORD-CRD Bangladesh".
Secondly, he presented a poster titled "Upskilling Primary Healthcare Workers for Lung Function Assessment: Lessons from Chronic Respiratory Burden Estimation in a Rural Community of Bangladesh". These presentations highlighted the challenges faced in rural communities of Bangladesh and proposed solutions for screening and managing respiratory diseases at the primary care level.

After the conference, he is now excited to explore new avenues for screening chronic diseases and continue working towards CHRF's commitment to 'preventing infections, saving lives, and building scientists'.